Growl support added

Monday, 17th August 2009Short URL

If you’re one of the many people who enjoy using Hahlo in Fluid you may have been using YungSang’s Fluid userscript for Hahlo 3 which added Growl support (among other things). Now Growl is supported out-of-the-box.

To turn on Growl Notifications you’ll need to head to the ‘settings’ page and turn on the Growl option (at the bottom), you’ll also need to have ‘auto refresh’ turned on.

Hahlo4 Growls...

For those who follow hundreds or thousands of people, you might not want 50 Growl messages popping up every couple of minutes (I know I wouldn’t), so I’m planning to add some extra options related to Growl. For example, I will be adding a “summary notification” option, which will just display one notification saying something like “12 new tweets”, and might include a list of the usernames for those tweets.