Announcing the 9th

Wednesday, 26th August 2009Short URL

So even though I’ve been sick and lost almost an entire week which I had intended to dedicate to getting Hahlo4 ‘finished’ I’m still going to forge ahead towards the launch date. The date you ask, well you might have already worked it out from the post title, but it will be September 9th.

Why September 9th? Aren’t there enough things happening on that date? Sure lots of people are going to be interested in the release of The Beatles Rock Band, and no doubt squillions of Apple lovers will be waiting anxiously for Apple to not announce their fabled tablet at their press event, but I’ve kept people waiting for Hahlo4 for long enough. Setting myself a date means two things. First, everyone will get Hahlo 4 on the 9th. Second, I now have a deadline to work towards as motivation to get things finished.

Now, back to that week I lost. Vertigo’s a bitch. As a result there are likely to be a couple of small things that don’t quite make the cut for 4.0, but don’t fret they’ll be in 4.1 which may come before and/or with the new retweeting and geo-location support that Twitter are adding to their api in the near future.

Now, with that out of the way, back to finishing things off. The clock’s ticking.