August comes to an end

Monday, 31st August 2009Short URL

Not long to go now until Hahlo4 goes live, mostly thanks to a super productive August. In the past month I’ve managed to get a mountain of work done towards ‘completing’ 4.0. Some stats:

  • 3 weeks leave. (inc. 1 week spent bed ridden with vertigo)
  • 24 commits.
  • Approx 300 code changes. (see graph below)
  • 10 tickets closed… doesn’t accurately reflect anything, as most things don’t get chance to be ticketed before I’ve already finished them
  • Over 200 beta testers (thank you!)
  • 9 donations (double thank you!)
  • Approx 61,000 pages views for Hahlo4 beta (compared to approx 138,000 for Hahlo 3.1 in August)
  • 1 broken SVN repository (and a couple of hours later, 1 fixed SVN repository)
  • 1 accidentally deleted (and not backed-up) .htaccess file… oops.
  • 9 days ’til launch

Hahlo4 Commits hosted by Ember

For those of you who use the combined timelines (Recent+Mentions, Recent+Messages etc), auto-refresh should now be functioning for you on these timelines. Do a full/hard refresh if you need to. Please report any bugs.

That marks the last ‘big’ thing I wanted to get finished before launch (there are several much smaller things still to do, some before launch, some after). So I’ve now got about a week to move the features list, faq, help etc across onto this blog (instead of over here.

9 days ’til 09/09/09. Bring it.