Better Tweeting and Direct Messaging

Thursday, 13th August 2009Short URL

I’ve been thinking about this change for a while, but finally took the leap and implemented it tonight, would love to hear any feedback about whether you love or oath this change. I know easier access to the “send DM” screen has been requested by several people so hopefully they like this change.

Sending a tweet in Hahlo4 Sending a DM in Hahlo4

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The Tweet/Update mode is still the default view you get when you tap of the ‘Tweet’ button at the top of the page, but its now been enhanced. Something that I added a while back but never introduced/explained is the “Replying to @username blah blah..” that sits below the text box. This shows the specific tweet you are replying to, if you’d like to still @reply to someone but not specifically reply to a tweet, just tap the little (maybe too little?) ‘cancel reply’ link. This should assist you when replying to lengthy tweets, no need to remember those 140 characters you’re replying to now.

The latest additions though are the small tabs at the bottom left of the text box, these allow you to quickly switch between Tweet mode and DM mode, just tap the tab and “boom”… but that’s not all, I’ve made it semi-intelligent. A few examples.

If you’re replying to someone, eg “@hahlo you are awesome”, and you hit the ‘DM’ tab to switch modes, Hahlo4 will correctly populate the “To” field with the username you were replying to, and will populate the message with what you had already typed. The same works in reverse, if you’ve started typing a DM and switch modes, Hahlo4 will automatically prefix you’re tweet with the username you were going to send the DM to. If that doesn’t make sense, have a play around with it and you’ll soon see what I mean.

Yay! Another ticket closed. Actually, no, two tickets. Double yay.

PS. For those who keep asking I will send out more beta invites on the weekend, I think this will be the last batch so if you want one I’d suggest you sign up soon.

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  8. I wish every Twitter application would make DMs easier like this. So far the only one I’ve seen is Twitterrific.

    I keep coming back to Hahlo’s UI, although it’s hard to give up native-app speed.

    Thanks again!