Do you use Boxcar?

Saturday, 29th August 2009Short URL

Since push notifications became available to app developers there have been a few options crop up to push twitter notifications to your iPhone. A couple of the native apps added it directly to their offerings, but as a webapp Hahlo doesn’t really have this option available, that’s where something like Boxcar comes in.

I was contacted by Jonathon from Boxcar a couple of weeks ago about adding support for Hahlo to the next version of his Boxcar app, in addition to the several native apps it also supports. So what does Boxcar do? This is from their site:

Every 2 minutes, we will check your Twitter account for new @mentions and direct messages. If there is anything new, we’ll let you know via a push notification!

You can view the notifications directly in their app, or choose the twitter client of your choice to view the @mentions, messages etc. There is support for several of the big native options in addition to Hahlo. TechCrunch has a detailed write-up on Boxcar 2.0 and all that it offers.

Get Boxcar on the App Store

The new version of Boxcar has been submitted and should hit the app store around the same time, if not before, I launch Hahlo4 (hopefully). So if you love Hahlo, and you dig push notifications then you should give Boxcar a look.