Happy MediaTemple day (for yesterday)

Tuesday, 24th November 2009Short URL

Slipped my mind yesterday, was thinking about other things, but yesterday it was one year since the MediaTemple guys jumped in to help me out and help keep Hahlo alive and kicking after the ‘other’ host cut me off.

MT were really helpful in getting things setup and moved across and since then its been pretty smooth sailing, with much (much, much) better uptime and substantially faster response times. If you need top notch hosting I’d definitely recommend giving MediaTemple a go.

I had hoped to do something ‘special’ to celebrate the day, but it kind of snuck up on my and I only realised it was approaching on the weekend, so no surprises yet. I’m hoping to try and get most of the lists implementation done this coming weekend which is one of the big pieces left to finish for 4.1