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Thursday, 17th June 2010Short URL

I’ve noticed a few ‘rogue’ tweets in the last day or two saying things “when Hahlo stops working” etc. Lets clear this up, right now. Hahlo 4.2 (the current, latest, and only supported version) will NOT stop working after Twitter turns off ‘basic authentication’ at the end of June.

However, Hahlo 3.x (which I’ve kept available for users who were unable to access Twitter to authorize for OAuth), does use Basic Authentication, and as a result it will cease to work after June 30. Nothing much I can do about this, I’ve kept it up as long as I can. I’m a bit sad to see basic auth die (even though I agree its a good thing), mainly because I’m going to lose a bunch of loyal users from around the globe, and likely a LOT from China (who currently represent a large percentage of all users).

In summary. Hahlo 4.2 will continue working for the foreseeable future. Hahlo 3.x will no longer work after June 30. Sorry :(