Frequently asked tweeted questions

Do you store my user information? Why?

With Hahlo 4 using Twitter OAuth login system there is no need for Hahlo to store any passwords, so it doesn’t. We do keep a copy of your twitter profile, for things like your location, custom colors, friends count etc (this api call returns all the same data we keep a local copy of). We also, obviously store your Hahlo preferences (the things you will find on the Settings page) so Hahlo knows how you want it to behave.

Will Hahlo work on my Device-X?

If you’re device has a web browser that uses the Webkit or Gecko engine, then you shouldn’t have too much trouble using Hahlo. I’ve had feedback from people using Hahlo on Android Phones, Nokia phones, Eee PCs…and reports of people not using it on their BlackBerrys.

Can I use Hahlo on my desktop/laptop computer

Of course you can (I do it all the time). As mentioned above, all you need is a (good) web browser, I’d recommend Safari 4, Firefox 3.5 or Google Chrome. You might also want to check out if you’re using a Mac, or Prism if you’re on Windows, Mac or Linux. Both are great ways to use Hahlo.

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