The goal of Hahlo has always been to cram as much of the twitter.com functionality into it as possible, below is a look at some of the features built into Hahlo. If you find something that’s not possible within Hahlo, and you’d like it to be please drop me a line and we’ll see what can be done.

This are just some of the wonderful things you can do with Hahlo, seriously there are even more features in there – as I spot ones that I’ve left off this list I’ll update it.


Since Version 4 Hahlo has been using Twitter oAuth system for authentication, this means you never have to provide your password directly to Hahlo. OAuth has the added benefit of allowing you more api requests per hour and continued support and enhancements from twitter.

Timeline features

  • Tap a tweet to display the options to view user profile/timeline, reply, retweet, direct message, favorite and view geolocation when avaiable
  • All links, hashtags, mentions, list referneces and stocktwits (eg. $AAPL) are linked in all timelines
  • Time and tweet source shown blow each tweet
  • If geolocation data is available it is displayed below relevant tweets
  • Retweet info (who and when) is also shown below relevant tweets

Tweeting and messaging

  • Quickly switch between sending a tweet and sending a direct message – text and username are presevered
  • Add (or remove) geolocation data to tweets on a tweet-by-tweet basis
  • Character counter

Supported timelines

  • Home timeline – same as twitter.com/home (includes rewteets)
    • Home + Mentions combined view
    • Home + Messages Inbox combined view
    • Home + Mentions + Messages Inbox combined view
  • Mentions
  • Direct Messages
    • Inbox – Received messages
    • Outbox – Sent messages
    • Combined inbox/outbox view
  • Favorites
  • Archive/User timeline
  • Retweets
    • Retweets to me
    • Retweets by me
    • Retweets of me
  • Lists
    • Lists you created
    • Lists you follow/subscribe to
    • Lists you are a member of
    • List of members for a specific list
    • List of subscribers to a sepcific list
  • Friend list (and avatar grid view)
  • Follower list (and avatar grid view)
  • Blocked user list
  • Combined user timeline/profile
    • Shows full name, description, location (linked to search), URL, joined date
    • Friends, followers, update and favorite counts
    • Tweet archive
    • Uses custom colors as specified on twitter.com
  • Everyone/Public Timeline

Search Features

  • New user search
  • Search results
  • Near me search
    • Based on location saved in twitter profile, or
    • Based on your current location using geolocation feature in Mobile Safari and Firefox 3.5
    • Defaults to a search radius of 25km, this can be toggled directly from the results screen (1,5,10,15,25,50,100,500 or 1000km)
  • Trends
    • Current trends
    • Daily trends
    • Weekly trends
  • Saved searches
    • Save new searches directly from search results
    • Delete old saved searches
  • Advanced search
    • Word-based – this exact phrase, any of these words, none of these words, this hashtag
    • People-based – from this person, to this person, referencing this person
    • Place-based – near this place, within this distance


  • Tap on a tweet to reveal the ‘tray’
    • Jump to a users profile/timeline
    • Send an @ reply
    • Send a direct message
    • Retweet the selected tweet (with confirmation)
    • Favorite the selected tweet
    • Check out geolocation for the selected tweet on a google map
  • Follow back your followers directly from the followers page or their user profile/timeline
  • Unfollow people directly from your friends pages or from their user profile/timeline
  • Block users from the friend/follower lists or directly from their profile/timeline
  • Unblock users from the Blocked users list
  • Add users to a list that you’ve already created
  • More features coming in early 2010
    • Remove users from lists
    • Create new lists
    • Delete lists

Customisable settings

  • Add geolocation details to tweets automatically – also dependant on setting being enabled on twitter.com
  • Auto-expand short urls
  • oEmbed support
  • ‘Hide’ retweets – works with both ‘official’ Retweets and old RT-style retweets
  • Turn reply, favourite, and retweet buttons on/off
  • Turn on/off the display of geolocation info
  • Auto-refresh with choice of interval (1,2,3,5,10 mins)
  • Tweets per page (10,20,50,100 or 200)
  • Show fullnames instead of twitter usernames
  • Choice of homepages (home timeline, mentions, messages etc.)
  • Avatar size (small, medium, large or none)
  • Text size (small, medium, large)
  • Growl Notifications when used with Fluid.app
    • option for notification for every new tweet, or
    • show a ‘summary’ notification after each auto-refresh

Coming in early 2010

  • More list features – create/delete lists within Hahlo
  • TweetMeme support – find out whats hot, get stats on the links in your tweets
  • Location based trends – once API is available
  • and more…