Chrome/OAuth bug fixed

Thursday, 30th September 2010Short URL

Spent last weekend reworking all the OAuth code in Hahlo in an attempt to solve the weird redirect bug that people were experiencing in Google Chrome and… it worked! I’ve just pushed the update live so hopefully all you people who were having trouble trying to use Hahlo in Chrome should now be able to use it again. Apologies for taking so long to get it fixed, better late than never ;)

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Hahlo 4.2 – Now iPad friendly

Monday, 31st May 2010Short URL

Not that it iPad friendly wasn’t before, in fact Hahlo ran perfectly fine on the iPad, but with that extra screen space available it would be silly to not make use of it, wouldn’t it? All up it isn’t a massive update, but some good bits and pieces have been thrown in.

Hahlo 4.2 - Now iPad friendly

What’s New

  • iPad specific changes
    • Custom landscape layout with menu visible on the left (see screenshot above)
    • Portrait mode retains the ‘traditional’ Hahlo overlay menu accessed from the ‘menu’ button in the header.
    • Slightly larger navigation tabs
    • Bigger maps (640×480) on the geo-location pages
    • Custom iPad startup image when you add Hahlo to your home screen
    • New 72px home screen icon for the iPad
  • Added ‘Retweeted by’ links (similar to ‘in reply to’) to all three retweet timelines
    • These allow you to quickly see who else has retweeted that specific tweet
    • Currently shows a maximum of 10 users (I may increase this in the future)
  • Added all three retweet timelines to the menu (Retweeted to Me, Retweeted by Me, Retweets of Me)
  • Using Twitter provided location data (for locations in the US), other locations are still using the google Maps API.
  • Added link on geo-location pages to open the current location in Google Maps (will work on iPhone and iPad)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a link parsing bug where links that omitted http:// would be linked incorrectly, this has now been fixed for links that begin with www but still omit http://